Taken is... unique.

Roleplaying on Taken is completely different than on other DayZ servers.

Other servers pit player against player, leading to OOC salt and toxicity. They lean heavily on a ruleset which allegedly tells players what they can't do, but in reality just informs them exactly what shitty things they can get away with doing.

On Taken, we pit players against the staff team, with full foreknowledge that they are not playing to win, but instead playing to survive. With a common enemy, players are united in cooperation, which nurtures a strong community.


Taken is... weird.

That's a giant, flying, talking fish.

To put it as simply as possible, there is nothing you couldn't potentially see on Taken. Our lore is persistent, engaging, diverse, and with a logical scientific basis.

It still allows for talking fish, demons, weeping angels, and exploding chickens. If you're curious as to how those two concepts can coexist, then you might be interested in playing.

If you're still on the fence, feel free to check out some of the content collected and created by the Taken in the lore bible, as linked below.


Taken is... stable.

Unlike other DayZ roleplay servers, it's not run by morons.

The roleplay community in DayZ has a somewhat unique problem. Whereas the creation of servers catering to other playstyles is typically motivated by financial gain, new RP servers pop up all the time for another reason: salt.

Due to a prevalence of overinflated egos, and a lack of understanding on even the basics of running a DayZ server, groups of players often decide to start their own, copypasted servers.

These servers, without exception, tend to fail within a matter of weeks or months due to mismanagement and an inability to fix even basic issues. Taken has been around for almost 2 years, and is a continuation of the work done by myself on Kinship.


Taken is... not DayZ

We have a number of custom features which are exclusive to, or developed by, Taken.

Push-To-Talk Radios

One of our most coveted features, this was developed specifically for Taken, and stolen by many other "RP" servers.

Clothes Dye

All vanilla and most modded clothing can be dyed any one of 30 different shades, providing ultimate flexibility in self expression.

Revive System

Character model death is not the end on Taken. When your character "dies", you can be revived by others players or staff.

Injured States

To facilitate RP, you can choose any one of five different injury states from your emote wheel.

Context Sensitive Actions

While holding any item, the emote wheel provides context-sensitive actions to express your character's mood or behavior.

Custom Basebuilding

In partnership with Lone Survivor, we offer custom basebuilding, as well as the option to further create a special space via map editing.

Taken has... simple rules

Respect your fellow roleplayers, and don't be an asshole.